In males, hair fall has been reported more frequently, and severe. It can occur at any time of your age, and there will be varying and underlying causes. Every case will be different, and the treatment will matter from person to person. So, in this case, the medication differs. In addition to that, the underlying medical conditions, as well as the history of hair care, will be beneficial in treating the condition. Minoxidil is well known for treating receding hair, and hair loss in males. However, it will also depend on the course of action that you take after you identify the problem. The sooner, the better.


What is Minoxidil?

Simply put, minoxidil is a medication that can treat pattern hair loss in men. Though females can also use it, there will be a variation of results. You can get the medication as a generic medication. It comes in foam, liquid, or you can take it orally. It will help to enhance the roots of the hair and allow the hair follicles to enlarge. The increased supply of oxygen, as well as the blood flow to the follicles, will help repair the damage and promote healthy hair growth. However, you must keep in mind that it may not be a great help in case of complete baldness.


There are some basic guidelines on how to use the medication. It will also depend on the type that you’re using. The first thing that you will do will be to clean your scalp and identify the area of your head that will need the medication. Rub it with extra care, and let Minoxidil dry for some time.

How to use Foam:

The usage is simple and easy. You must use one cap of foam on a clean area of your head. Be gentle with the rubbing, and let the mediation dry. However, it’s equally important to mention that if you have any chemical treatment, then, in that case, a piece of expert advice will be better. Irritation of the skin may help, so it’s also important that you take all that into your account.


Though Minoxidil is completely safe, there are some medically approved ways of approach. The application will matter a lot of things. If you have an infection on any area of your skin, then this will be better to be kept for later. In addition to that, never let it be in contact with your eyes, or apply on an area that isn’t prescribed. In this case, offers a proper medical treatment where experts offer you treatment plans that take into account your medical history, underlying causes, as well as allergies. It’s excellent, and better in every way.


Nothing can be achieved in a day, so Minoxidil will also take some time to cause the effect. Generally, it will take you four months to witness positive results. However, this will also depend on the continuity of the medication. Besides that, it may occur that in some cases, there isn’t any improvement. This is because the underlying cause of hair loss mustn’t have been evaluated.


Approved by Health Canada and the US FDA, Minoxidil will help you enhance hair growth, and you will see positive results in four months. Try Numan’s hair loss treatment plan that will offer you medication that fits into your requirements, and you will receive it at your doorstep.